Many experts disagree with the term SEO, but you can not say that SEO is dead. If you want to make searches more and more accurate to users it is necessary have to improve their algorithms constantly, which requires us to be continually updated. In my opinion the claim that SEO is dead is associated with black hat practices that have been used to position web pages regardless of the value of their content, but these practices are becoming more difficult and not profitable in the long run out.

If you really were favored by positioning payment Advertising Google (Adwords), it would lose its credibility and jeopardize their lucrative business so a good site optimization will remain indispensable.
There are those who say that social networks are the future, its growth is also significant but the number of searches has increased  and remains the main source of views on websites which proves to be an optimized website for search engines and with quality content is the best option.