For any company among the technological tools to support businesses, a key factor is its representation on the Internet through its website.

S2S offers custom web design of each company or project, developed so that its position on major search engines is optimal (SEO analysis). In those cases where it is necessary to make marketing campaigns Online, S2S planning their campaigns to optimize impact (SEM studies).

Website design

S2S designed web pages with the most innovative tools on the market, relying on dynamic websites where the inclusion of content and comments is very simple. HTML5, CSS3 and databases are used in S2S web development. S2S also uses CMS (Content Management System), programs that allow creation of a support structure by the administrators, editors, participants and other users.
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SEO/SEM campaigns

SEO Manos
Currently, Internet is the most important way to find information on any topic of interest or business. The fundamental tools to locate information on the Internet are the search engines.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) serves to improve the visibility of a website in the organic results of different search engines.
As part of the marketing strategy of the company, the SEO must meet the objectives it has set out to reach the target audience.
S2S in order to define a successful SEO project analyze the requirements of each customer and what they want to achieve with their site.